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Unsung Heroes & Happy New Year

Unsung Hero Happy New Year. It's over, now get over yourself and move on.  You will not be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah or Michael Jordan of your sport.  I know I won't.  However, you can live your life how you want.  Like many unsung heroes do.

The last two weeks of my life were: naps, changing baby diapers, Dad's meatball soup and guacamole, Utah restaurants (i.e., Maddox, Dixie Grill, Happy Sumo, Gracie's, Beans & Brew and Cafe Rio), oatmeal, eggs, push-ups, running, swimming, networking, coffee, cleaning a barn, hanging with friends, giving and receiving presents, sitting on trains and waiting in airports, scavenger hunts, churches, snowmans, wrestling my kids, changing blog plug-ins, Denver Bronco games and a live Utah Jazz basketball game.  I am no hero, but I am thankful I got to spend my life that way.

If 2013 is half as cool as the last 2 weeks of my life, then I am doing something right.  For 2013, I plan to think about and network with the unsung hero.

People who leave our country to fight a war.  They are unsung heroes.  They have more juevos than me or most humans in your office.

Have you ever heard of Sara Sperling? She makes Facebook a great place to work.  Mark Z. needs her and relies on her. Yet...nobody will ever know she exists outside of Facebook.  How about Matt Fischer? He is one of the most important people at Apple.  He runs the app store at Apple and allows you to keep buying cool apps for your iPhone and iPad. I could go on...

My point is that none of these people seek or crab the credit they deserve.  They are around us.  They have the same or higher drive and passion for work than any CEO or C-level executive has, but we do not know who they are.  You see them at the grocery store at 4AM buying milk for their families before they go to work.  What? You don't go to the store at 4AM? Maybe you don't have their drive.  Many times, executives are clueless about the value an unsung hero brings to his/her annual fat bonus.

For 2013, I am going to find more unsung heroes.  I am going to help them do whatever it is to make them better.  I want to be more like them.  Without them, businesses will flop, families will crumble and my chances to fail will go higher.

Happy New Year and let's get this party started. Today my friends.  Right now.

Photo Credit: The US National Archives