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5 Things You Should Have Done Yesterday To Your Career Website

If you are in job search mode, career coaches recommend you spend no more than 10% of your time on-line.  For Walter, the Talent Management Pro, that's not much time to grab a job seekers attention with his corporate career website he created in 2008.  Top talent, like "Megan the Marketer" is busy and she will not find Walter's corporate website, unless it's  Apple, Google or Zappos...Walter needs to play harder and show he cares more than the big HR shops. Here are 5 things Walter should have done yesterday to his career website... 1.  Mobile app or a way to apply via mobile.  Top talent, like "Megan the Marketer", does not have time to search for jobs during her day.  She only has time to apply or look for jobs via her mobile device.  When does she do this? After or before work while she sits in traffic or on a train.  She searches for jobs after she got passed over for a promotion and is pissed off at her employer.  She uses her mobile device.  Even McDonalds has a job app.  Come on Walter....what are you doing to grab Megan's attention? Check out, iMomentous. 

2.  Video.  No excuses anymore.  In 2008 it was cool to have a video of your senior leaders on your website.  Now, your kids can make better videos than that.  Yesterday your hiring managers and recruiters should have been sending candidates videos of themselves.  Invite candidates to interview via video.  This will save your company and talent time. Money too.  No excuses.  Do it.  Not that hard.  I have a long list of players to start with...hint...2012 HR Product of the year, HireVue.  Come on Walter.  Play harder.

3.  Social Media.  Call me if you are still unsure about social media for recruiting. I can find an uncle, aunt or show you an 80 year old man who does it (see point 5 below).

4.  SEO metrics.  Yes.  Lots of SEO metrics out there.  Find a plug-in for your 2008 website or ask someone in IT to help you.  You should be able to tell if your on-line employment brand is growing.  Do you know?  What type of keywords do people use to find your company?  Do you know? How many people click on a job and apply for it? Do you know? you know? Find that out Walter.  Come on.

5.  A blog.  Have a blog with cool content that supports your company's values and principles.  Make it interesting.  This will take work.  But you will get a return on your effort.  A blog is not a Gen Y or age thing either.  80 year old Bill Marriott still blogs on the Marriott blog.  Eat that baby boomers. Check it here.

Do you recruit for Apple, Google, or Zappos?  You do not Walter.  Show more love, care and work harder than anyone else.  I do #HR chats with enough HR people on Twitter.  Many people are in your same boat. Join them in their fight to bring talent management out of 2008. I have at least.