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Job Warming-Frogger Style

Frogs In graduate school my Organization Development professor, Jim Mcfillen, often used a metaphor about a frog slowly being boiled alive.  Apparently, if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and cook to death.  Jim would use this as a metaphor for our inability to react to significant changes that occur gradually within organizations.  I call this job warming-frogger style.

To this day...I have not tested his theory on a frog, but leave to YouTube for that test.  Check it out here (email subscribers click through).

Sorry about the video animal lovers, but I think you get the premise of the story.

Job warming-frogger style can show up in the following areas...

-Do you have an abusive (verbal or physical) boss or work environment?  The water is boiling. Address it.  If that does not work, jump out of the water now.  Be smarter than a frog.

-Are sales declining or layoffs happening?  Be smart.  Check the temperature of the water daily.  Is it about to boil?  Can you cool it down to normal human conditions?  Watch for signs and clues.  Be thankful you are alive to do that.

-No vision for the future?  Decide what you want to do.  Then do it.  If you plan to stay in your job, create a vision.  Do not stop dreaming.  Once you stop dreaming, it's time to die.  Use more influence to influence others about your future.  If you plan to leave, then be a man or woman about it. Be professional.

-Are you in it, only for the money? That's fine.  Just be okay working in boiling water.  The water will get hotter and your pay might get higher.  Something could eventually explode.  Might be your mind or wallet. Might be your relationships at or away from work.  Are you okay with boiling water?

The end.  What is the temperature of the water your job is in? Too hot, too cold or just about right?  Always Be Checking.  ABC.  Job warming-frogger style.

PS-Smile or go hug someone today.  Frogs can't do that.

Photo Credit: National Media Museum