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40 Under 40 HR Club Without Jose Canseco

40 Under 40 Nine days into the year and I have almost achieved my goals.  That's gotta be a record.  My three-year old son does not use the potty yet...but my blog, HR Hound, was nominated and approved to be one of the "Top 40 HR Bloggers Under 40".  Almost like when Jose Canseco used steroids to collect 40 stolen bases and 40 home runs (40-40 Club), but way different.

First, I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for creating me less than 4o years ago somewhere in Utah.  They made the nomination possible.  Second, I am thankful there are at least 40 HR bloggers in the world.  Each leaders in their space and offer something for us to learn.  Check out the

Happy hump day today.  I will continue to avoid steroids.  Unlike Jose Canseco.  And I get to blog.  On good days, I get to drive my wife's cool car.  I will continue to work hard to deliver you content worth reading and sharing with your network.

Thanks for putting me on the list, Laurie. Happy Birthday too!