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A Book To Improve Your LinkedIn Night Vision

LinkedIn Night Vision I wake up, brush my teeth and check my email, all at the same time. I can regularly count on some LinkedIn requests from the night before.  Night time is when people are networking online the most, I suppose.  They need night vision for LinkedIn.

At night, after they reflect on their day job, kids are asleep or loved ones are doing something else with or without a drink...the LinkedIn night vision comes out.  Stop doing that.  I got a book or website for you to read instead.  It will help your LinkedIn night vision and prevent you from wasting time on your career search.  It's called The Million-Dollar Race by Kirk Hallowell.  Click here (email subscribers click through).  I dare you.  I have mentioned this book in previous posts and I will say it again.  Check it out.

No time to read? That's okay.  The author, Kirk, is doing a brief podcast with Fistful of Talent this Thursday.  Tune in here and see podcasts to the right.  It will be recorded so you can check it out anytime after Thursday at 3PM Central.

Pretty sure you can use this book.  Whether you are searching for a new career OR helping people in their search.  His book will help you do that.  He offers a no run-around approach with a sure-fire way to speed things up in the career search.

Improve your LinkedIn night vision.  Go reach someone and show them something no one else can see.  That's the best way career advice has ever helped me...

PS-Stay tuned for this Wednesday's post...I am hosting a Carnival of HR. You will get a chance to see a bunch of other fantastic people discuss HR, business and leadership.  I think you will enjoy it.

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