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#HRCarnival The HR Hound Way

HR CarnivalIt is an honor to host the Carnival of HR for the first time in my life.  Just like it was an honor to swim a mile for the first time 2 years ago.  Enough about first times...From resolutions and predictions to HR technology to setting goals, building trust or getting better and stronger.  There is content in this carnival for you!  Let's see what the real HR pros have to say...

2013 Resolutions and Predictions in HR

Anita LettinkOver in the Netherlands, Anita Lettink in the photo to the left cleaned out her hard drive and shared a post from 10 years ago.  In January 2003 she wrote an HR trends article…you tell us.  What has changed? HR 10 Years Later

Robert Tanner from Washington in the Pacific Northwest gives you 3 skills to work on for 2013. First, work on experimentation. Experiment quickly and often and make sure it aligns with the strategic direction of your company.  Second, work on Flexibility…you don’t want to be an AOL or MySpace.  Third…read more here about three critical skills every manager needs in 2013.

Mervyn Dinnen over in the UK gives us some sensible areas he would like to see more of in recruiting.  See what sensible recruiting might entail for your life, right here.  How about some New Year's Resolutions?  Steal some ideas from Dan McCarthy out in Boston. He has better leadership advice than the "Steely Dan American" rock band could ever have. Check out 10 New Year's Resolutions for Leaders.

HR Technology

Steve EhrlichSteve Ehrlich is so hip, he has a cartoon pic for his LinkedIn profile.  Anyways, would any of you freak out if you lost your mobile device tonight? If so that's called, Nomophobia.  How do I know that? Steve is the expert on mobile technology and he told me so.  He also shares some of the best rules of the road for developing a mobile strategy.  "Click Here" for more.   His rules will give someone a full time job this year…of course, only if you plan to target the 110 million people who carry mobile devices.  Since Steve is mobile....he resides all around the world, but I bet you could find him in New York.

You want an idea where social is heading? You heard it HERE.  Elaine Orler from San Diego gives a glimpse to the future by focusing on what she sees in her immediate environment, her two teens.  Nice job Elaine.  The Snapchat program on Instagram looks like a good one!

How can we talk about technology without bringing in some content from a company who wants to bring HR and interviewing out of the dark ages?  Enter... HireVue.  Chip Luman, COO of HireVue, out of snowy Salt Lake City let’s us know what to expect in HR for 2013 on his Next blog.  Then Erica Bell informs the college crowds how to network and how it will help you after college.  How about a college course on networking? I bet Erica could tell you more about networking in college.  See what she has to say from the HireVue blog.

In case you forgot to reflect on HR Tech for 2012....Paul Baribeau from Ontario, Canada does a fabulous job at that.  From acquisitions and controversies to IPOs and innovations, HR tech was in the spotlight.  Check out his TribeHR blog for an HR Tech review.


Jess Lyn StonerHow can you start a year without some ideas about goals?  Jesse Stoner from the Hartford, Conneticut area and pictured to the left, gives you 6 ways to do that and shames on UPS too.  Check it HERE.    Make sure you tie them into your company like a superhero.  Alex Raymond out of Boulder, Colorado gives you some pointers the superhero way!  He can tell you HERE.

Are you looking to pay people who meet their goals?  Well, Patricia Lotich in my backyard of St. Louis, MO, shows us 4 things to consider for a small business owner to determine merit increase percentages for the coming year.  It’s all about the systems, budget and paying for performance.


Trust, Safety and Good Stuff to Know in Business

KarinKarin Hurt via Baltimore, MD with fantastic photo to the left, can’t handle the truth! At least, that’s what I think she would say.  I agree 100% +1 with her take on positioning and spinning.  Next time you start to spin in a meeting, ask yourself, what if I start with the truth?  See her truth here.  If that doesn't work for you, then Linda Fisher Thornton via Virginia, says you should get to trust early in the relationship process.  I know I already trust Linda and I have never met her.  What do you think?  Linda is extending her trust in us. I like that!

Results first. Safety Always. That’s the way Tim Gardner out of Atlanta seems to run his HR shop.  Nice job Tim!  I would rather pay unemployment than go to an employee’s funeral because he chooses to not follow safety rules.  What do you guys think? Is there ever a time to bend the rules on safety?  Open compromise for safety.

Ian Welsh out of Toronto opens his toolbox and gives a helpful tip in HR.  Help humans!  Yeah…you work in Human Resources.  Help Humans.  He can help you more…check his tool box here.

Do we have some “Office” fans out there?  Benjamin McCall out of Cincinatti is and wants you to imagine Dwight Schrute as your employee.  What would HR do? I would probably transfer him to operations with his strict rules.  That might work out.  But you tell me…what you would do over at Benjamin's rethinkhr blog.

Jon Mertz talks more about trust.  Something Lance Armstrong is missing right now.  Jon grew up on a farm in South Dakota and now chills Dallas.  He shares How to Gain Trust - Simply Four Ways . Do them and you will be trusted.  Another Dakota amigo, Chris Young out of Bismarck, North Dakota spent his holidays reading Dan Pink’s latest book, “To Sell is Human”.  Chris explains it well in his post about employee engagement- Irritation or Agitation.

Ever wonder what a recruitment agency does?  Georgiana-Florina Mihalache, aka "Geo" out of, Romania, lays down the law on what a recruitment agency is for a company or candidate…Basically, just like any other company…wants to make money for providing you a service.  She riffs on it over at her HR FAQ blog.

Get Better.  Get Stronger.

Ben EubanksThe Real Ben Eubanks as shown in his picture down in Huntsville, Alabama steps up with some video.  I must compliment his sharp gray T-shirt with The Starr Conspiracy name.  Keep it going Ben.  In his video, Ben explains how managers can have as much as a 10% impact on an employee’s performance.   What do you think?  Is it more OR less?

Wally Bock via Charlotte, NC tells us that to be a great boss; you need to learn the basics.  And do the basics in a way that’s appropriate for your situation and personality.  See if you do the basics here… How often do you use the word “stewardship” in your day-day to conversations.  Mark Miller in Atlanta encourages us to get stronger about stewardship.  After reading Mark’s take about Leadership is Stewardship.  I need to use it more! Do you?

Wendy Appel drops in from Spain and encourages us to use more courage in 2013.  Do you have the courage to do that? When I need more courage…I will call Wendy for sure.  Just a Little More Courage.

All of this content has at least one thing in common.  It is intended to help your career.  Julie Winkle Giulioni from the greater LA area closes with making us remember that, career conversations needs to become a habit.  Create habits within your organizations that will change behavior.  Not sure how long this will take…but I suspect Julie knows or maybe just have career conversations for 30 days and see if it works. After 30 days, you should know something or I will give you part of your money back!

I hope you enjoyed your first Carnival of HR experience with me.  I would like to thank all the hard working people above who created the content.  True leaders of our times.  Doing all this to make a difference.  Keep it going.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn.