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Controversial Tweet Psych For Recruiters















Happy Martin Luther King Day! Your company either observes this day OR not.  Either way, get over it and be thankful our country recognizes a man who served others and stood for a higher purpose.  Now on with some thoughts on psychological assessment testing and interviewing.  There is often a controversy amongst HR and Talent Pros on if they should be used or not.  So let's add more fuel to the fire... Check out Tweet Psych.  This technology is in its early days, but it will analyze tweets and help a company learn more about a person and who they really are.

Tweet Psych's approach is that a way a person talks can tell you a lot about how they think.  They use linguists and coders to analyze tweets and measure all sorts of areas.  Areas like work, positive and negative emotions, social behavior, sadness, spirituality, swearing, sexual references, sleeping, money, entertainment, etc. Lots of stuff.

Imagine having a candidate take an assessment before the interview so you, the hiring manager or recruiter can dive in deep based on what his/her tweets say over the last 6 months? If done right...It could tell you if the candidate is putting on an act or not for the interview.  You could call B.S.  You could tell if they had a fake tan or not.  You could tell if they really do work hard.

Tweet Psych.  Kinda weird, but something for you to chew on for this holiday Monday.  The first company to show they saved money and hired better people using this approach will win.  What do you think recruiters?  Is this good or bad? What technology are you thinking about to elevate our profession?

Photo Credit: Zoomdoggle