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#NPRTwitterChat: Check it!

Smart WomenYour LinkedIn says you are an HR Pro, Talent gal, Comp guru or Benefits man.  Fantastic! What are your spreadsheets and powerpoints doing to help people? Helping people as an HR Pro is an ever changing state of affairs and a state of emotions.  The kind of thing you must seek to understand.  Spreadsheets and forms will only do so much. Eventually people will walk away without shaking your hand.  They are smart too. Learn how to help someone. How? NPR and Twitter are co-hosting an online chat to help you get a handle on effectively using Twitter as a job search resource. After the chat, you will know people smarter than you.  Like the women in the photo.  At least, I will.  You will gain valuable insights directly from recruiters, HR Pros and hiring managers. You can tell Dutch the Talent Management pro for your company how to recruit with Twitter.  Maybe he will create a spreadsheet about it. That is worth an hour of your time right there!  It will take place on Twitter Thursday, January 31, from 5-6PM. EST.  Hashtag #NPRTwitterChat.  Lars Schmidt will be leading it. 

Check it out.  #NPRTwitterChat.  It will help you learn a new tool for your career.  You can explain what you learned to others.  This will cause a positive change in someone's life.  When is the last time you did that? People need you.  Learn how you can help.