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Tool Behaviors

Tool La herramienta.  That means "The Tool" in Spanish. I have been thinking about Tools lately.  But not like the one being used in the picture to our left.  Been thinking about people who behave like Tools and really wonder what makes them tick. The urban dictionary defines a Tool below...

A person, typically male, who says or does things that cause you to give them a 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look. The 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look is classified by a glare in the tool's direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are. The tool is usually someone who is unwelcome but no one has the balls to tell them to get lost. The tool is always making comments that are out-of-place, out-of-line or just plain stupid. The tool is always trying too hard to fit in, and because of this, never will. However, the tool is useful because you can use them for things; money, rides, etc. "Let's drive to Chicago from Iowa. Oh man, we need money. Hey, let's ask tool to come, he'll spot us the cash!"  

"Tool is our friend. We call him that because he is one."

Sound like anyone you know?  How about the 46 year old executive who sports the Forever 21 shoes and Abercrombie & Fitch jeans?  He might be a Tool, but who I am to judge someone's wardrobe.  Better yet...

The Tool does things because his boss does things.  The Tool has no passion for golf, but plays golf with the boss every Saturday.   The Tool has some level of authority and shows it by making his team stay after the meeting to listen to his Tool ideas.  Tool.  The Tool loves to party on road trips, but can't make the wake up call for the early morning team meeting.  Tool.  It's okay...He was only invited to the party to pay the bill. Most of you are happy he is not at the early morning team meeting.  Herramienta...Tool!

How do you work with the Tool to get his approval when you need more money or time?  Stroke his ego.  It will never be about you.  He is the man. Tell him his Tool shoes look good.  Then ask for that approval.  Be ready for one of his Tool ideas to go along with that approval. That's just the way it is.  You use him for an approval AND he gets to tell you how great his ideas are.

Tool behaviors.  Have you seen them in action before? Hit me up in the comments...

Photo Credit: National Library of Australia Commons