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I Told You So...

Bill Clinton I told you so.  We told you so.  You told Ben so.  Ben told Joshua so.  We often run into people who figure out a way to say I told you so after a strategy or plan failed. Plans and strategies are created in a room full of office jocks who don't get out to feel the temperature of the water. Doing their job isn't your job.  Your job is to listen to that little voice in your head.  The voice that will say, "I Told You So" after it happens.  Act on that voice.  Do it.  Don't just tell someone so.

Telling me so after the game doesn't help me.  Doing something during the game is necessary and will influence the outcome.  I told you so.

How many times after they make a bad hire do you think, I told you so? How many times after that good person leaves do you think, I told you so? How many times after they communicate a new plan or strategy that fails do you think, I told you so?  President Bill Clinton has enough experience to tell any politician, I told you so.

We've moved way beyond telling workers so.  Understand and tell them why.  Then let them and you figure out how and what to do.  Do it.  I told you so.

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