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Talented People Who Fail

Poke in the eye Most talented candidates fail at the job interview.  They spend their time and energy on their resume, they refuse to embrace LinkedIn, and they only talk about themselves during an interview.  They are their worst enemy.  They poke themselves in the eye and then blame the recruiter or hiring manager for turning them down.  And not only that, they'll blame the HR Pro for not explaining how the interview process works.  So here is how it works...

If you do a very good job at your resume, network on LinkedIn and other social media sites, you will increase your chances to get a phone call or interview.  But then what?

The thing is, pretty resumes and fancy LinkedIn profiles, helps you.  But only spend a small portion of your time there.  Pay to have your resume done right.  Use LinkedIn and other social media avenues to create a conversation.  Conversations are much better and enjoyable than boring job interviews.  You and the hiring manager will enjoy a good conversation.  Conversations can happen at anytime.  Interviews are scheduled, scripted and regulated.  Not much conversation there.

If you are going to jump in the job market, you have no choice but to enjoy it and turn interviews into conversations.  These are great ways to meet new and exciting people.  Don't focus on only the outcome (i.e., getting the job or not).  That is a recipe for unhappiness.  Create conversation and learn what the needs of the organization are.  They want to learn what your needs are too.  They want to hire you just as much as you want to work for them.

You are talented.  Be smart about how you use your talent to land a job.  Don't think your fancy resume and scripted interview responses will do the trick.  Don't be one of the many talented people who fail.