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The New Chapter

All around me are familiar faces and the same coffee places.  I will start tomorrow with new faces going places.  Next week I am starting a new chapter.  What is it?  Director of HR at HireVue (email subscribers click through) and we will be moving to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The place where I grew up.  Family is excited.  I am excited.  A recipe for success. What will I be doing there?  Helping and leading HR out of the dark ages.  About 10% of the fortune 500 have caught onto the need to modernize and improve interviews of all types and HireVue is helping them with this need. HireVue's digital interview platform improves interviews in phone, person, video and on-demand.  It will make your life easier as a recruiter and hiring manager and save your company a ton of time and money.  Done.  Enough selling.  Check them out for yourself by clicking HERE. 

I wanted you to hear it from me first.  Not from my LinkedIn profile update.  I also plan to take the HR Hound up a few notches in 2013.  I hope you can take the heat.  I hope you can stay with me.  Many of you come from my Energizer life.  I am thankful for that.  The HR Hound will stay here though.  I am moving on, but the Hound will keep moving forward.

Join me in this new chapter.  Like I said.  It will even be better. Let's do this.

PS--Soon, I will be hunting for Sales & Marketing talent to lead HR out of the dark ages.  If you want in on this journey, we can chat another time.