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Strange Work

Circus Work relationships are strange.  Makes me wonder what it's like to work in the circus.  We spend a large part of our life with people at work and when it ends, they like you, love you or hate you.  Then you move on.  Work baby, work.

Barry walks quickly from meeting to meeting with his company provided laptop, but has no time or interest to talk to anyone.  Barry has one goal.  To get his task done.  Before Barry knows it, he is done.  His time has come and the company needs to save more money.  Sorry Barry.  Your legacy will be your name on a spreadsheet.  Turn in your company laptop and buy your own.  Someone else will do your tasks.

Do things you love.  If you love it, you will become good at it.  Maybe someone will pay you to do it.  Doesn't have to be much, because you will love it.

Work damn hard and enjoy it.  Someone will always make more money than you, but you can be as happy as you want to be.  People will want to shake your hand.  Enjoy your life.  Enjoy your work life.  And most importantly enjoy your family.  Before you know will be done.  Even if you are the CEO.  Work is strange that way.

Photo Credit: The Library of Congress