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Add This To Your On-Boarding Checklist

Psst.  Hey you.  The person responsible for the on-boarding process at your company.  I'm sure you know your on-boarding process sucks.  Even worse if it does suck and you refuse to admit it OR don't know it. Well try this... Your next new hire or transfer must connect via LinkedIn with at least 50 people who they will work with in their new role.  Ask them to do it before their first day.  Encourage them to actually read people's profiles and customize their invite message.  No lazy "since you are a person I trust" auto populated messages allowed.

Why should you add this to your on-boarding checklist?  It allows both parties to connect and build trust before they meet.  How do I know this?  Because I am currently doing it before I start my new job on Monday.  Best damn way to learn and meet people before you start.  Starting a new job is stressful. I already feel like I kinda fit in and know people.

What do you do if your company does not use LinkedIn as part of the culture?  Do it anyways.  There are now 200 million people on LinkedIn.  A large majority are not there to find a job.  They are their to do business.  You are missing out if you still have to explain to people its value.  That is so 2009 buddy. But keep going.

Enjoy your Friday.  Connect with 5 new people today on LinkedIn.  Do that each day for 1 month and see what changes.  I dare you.