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Will Marketing

Tell NobodyWill you hire people who love what they do? Will you communicate with people like people? Will you take risks? Better yet, will you be comfortable knowing your sales pro in Florida will take bigger risks than you to do more amazing things? Where there is a Will, there is a Way.  Will marketing people understand this?  The good ones will.  The tools will be the force blocking the way of a great idea.  The tools exhausting bureaucratic processes takes people away from their attempt to spread ideas. HR plays a huge role in marketing a company's employment brand.  Most HR Pros have no idea they play this role.  That is scary for the HR Pro who only wants to improve his company's FMLA form OR continue to market internal HR technology that people do not understand.  They will want to tell nobody about what they are working on.

Word travels fast about your company.  When people are hired or let go.  People talk about it. They tell their friends and customers and family.  They spread the word.  That is word of mouth marketing.  Everyone counts in word of mouth marketing.  Take away the free coffee and bagels at the quarterly town hall gathering and see what happens.  Will people still come?  If they do, will they believe in what your executive staff says?  They came to learn of the reason to believe.  They will spread the reason with their words.   I hope the reason is authentic and real.  Again, that is word of mouth marketing.

How will marketing exist in every person in your company?  Will marketing help spread the word?  Find people with will.  They will tell anybody who will listen about their new idea.  Will they get back up after they get laughed out of the room with a new idea? Find out.  Those are the good, great ones. Happy Monday people...why are you showing up to work today? Spread the word...

Photo Credit: The National Archives UK