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Settling In

Settling in is not settling.  Settling in allows Tammi the new engineer to get a handle on her new environment.  It makes her feel like she has a big spotlight to shine in dark rooms full of people she can't see.  Use training, on-boarding programs, church, technology, sports, gym, volunteering, family, friends, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, drinking cervezas...but figure out how to help Tammi settle in fast.  You know this, so why should you do this?... It will improve Tammi's time to full productivity.  Full productivity is that point in time where you get a return on your investment in Tammi.  On average, I hear (Kirk told me) this takes about 6 months to break even on your investment and even longer to get Tammi to full productivity.  Invest in Tammi. Make sure she settles in.

Recruiters forget to ask how Tammi is settling in.  They acquire.  You on-board.  I have met some good ones who ask and care.  But, I rarely meet one who gets paid once Tammi reaches full productivity...

Settling in is a 2 way street.  Tammi must make an effort to interact and work with her new people.  You as her boss must check in and give feedback.  This will help your return on investment.  It will improve the chances that Tammi will enjoy her job and become productive very fast.  Your goal should be to decrease the time it takes to get a return on your investment.  Invest in Tammi.

Meet people, work with people, hang out with people, help people do something good.  That will help settling in.  It takes hard work.  Find a way to enjoy it. You will probably live longer and learn more if you do it this way.