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Technology Speeds Trust

Speed of TrustAt its core an interview is a meeting with people face to face. HR pros and hiring managers use interviews to determine job fit.  Candidates use interviews to tell their story.  The best way to share information during an interview is to turn into a conversation.  Often times, interviews turn into conversations without either party knowing.  That is a good thing.  Technology can speed up the amount of time it takes to turn an interview into a conversation.  I think Stephen Covey called this speed, "The Speed of Trust". Speed is crucial today. Speed is not about being careless or doing things quick. Speed happens when people trust each other and information (i.e., good or bad) is shared during a conversation.  The speed of light happens when there are no levels, egos, or titles involved with this sharing.  Interviews happen when there is not much trust between two parties.  Conversations happen when there is a lot of trust.  Get to trust fast.  Use technology to break the 50 MPH speed limit of trust. 50 MPH is not fast.

HR players, recruiters, and hiring managers.  Use technology to increase the speed to trust. Use LinkedIn to learn about your own team and future team.  Use digital video technology ( a la HireVue) to learn about people before you meet them and conduct your "official interview".  It does not stop there though.  You as the leader or HR pro...need to use this technology to increase the speed of trust and make others trust you.  Does your team know your vision? Share it with them, then record via digital and send it to them.  Do that often. Your team can do the same thing and share it with you. What are you afraid of?

Chances are if you read my content, you trust me more.  If I can't find anything about you via video, social or digital, it will take me longer to trust you, after I have met you.  Not saying, trust won't happen.  Just saying, it will take longer.  Make sense?

Turn an interview into a conversation.  Do it fast.  The faster you get to a conversation, the faster you get to trust.  Do this fast because your competitors are doing it fast or faster than you.

Photo Credit: The U.S. National Archives