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Culture & Air. You Need Both To Survive

Smoke stacks and breatheCulture is like air.  It exists.  We need air to breathe and use it unconsciously.  Stop right now and listen to your breath...  If you did that, you are making a conscious effort to know you are alive and breathing.  Now stop and describe your company culture.  That’s okay if you can’t do that easily, but the fact you are consciously thinking about your culture, tells me you have something of a culture.  You just need to describe it. Every company has a culture.  Describe it, draw it, write it, and present it.  Respect the culture.  A weak company culture is one whose people do not make an effort to understand it.  A high performing powerful company culture is one whose people make an effort to understand it.  What are the qualities of your company's culture? Do they make you enjoy your life? Find some culture moments and openly talk about it with people.

I chose the picture to illustrate breathing and buildings.  Breathing and buildings seem to be the boundaries of our company cultures.  Go push the boundaries.

It’s funny when Martha or Stan, the hot shot executive, says “I am going to change the culture.”  Martha or Stan usually has no real ideas on what it means to change a culture.  They also bought the P90X exercise DVDs and protein bars and their gut stayed the same.  Flabby.  Try harder guys.  How is your culture change going Martha? How is your P90X DVD watching Stan?

Culture is the personality of the humans breathing in your organization.    Almost like a spirit that people can see with their own eyes.  Everyone in this universe has a chance.  Find out why your organization is giving people that chance.  Your culture should support people doing their jobs effectively and enjoyably.  No matter their beliefs or colors, it should make people feel comfortable to be who they are.  At least, that’s what I think.

Culture is like air.  Your company needs it.  The great cultures will attract and retain engaged and skilled people who really want to make a place excellent and enjoyable.

Photo Credit: Photomagnarium