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Fantastic As A Feeling

There are times we get to experience fantastic as a feeling. Jumping out of airplanes, standing up after being knocked down, having babies, ordering babies, and being part of a culture where incredible people help incredible people. You know the feeling when you get there once you have been there.  Work to get that feeling again.  Don't worry about the paycheck.  Run away from shin digs full of imitation. Mission statements, boss only speeches, forgotten principles that HR and Marketing people use to find talent.  Put all that on a website, tie it up in a bow and email it to your CEO. just did what every HR or Talent pro is trying to do these days.  Market your employment brand.  So here's the deal...

Your brand is an extension of your culture.  Your culture is every human in your company.  You need to figure out how to market that.  Pretty sure you will need leave your HR corner office a lot.  At least 5 times per day.  Might even have to move offices and change cost cebikesnters.

Start with building trust.  Do work you enjoy. Then repeat.  Do not think you are smarter than everyone else.  HR people love to think that.  At least in my experiences.  Search for the fantastic feeling and market that feeling to other people.  Do it with any tool you can find.  Social, video, bill-boards, paintings, story books, etc.  Find the fantastic feeling and market it. Market it to people on the inside and let them share the love with their network. Try it 100 times.  After will know if your culture makes you feel fantastic.

 PS-Whatever human piled the bikes on the van is either from Mexico or good at engineering...either way, I bet they feel fantastic.