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The Horse You Rode IN On

The horse you rode IN on does not need to be the horse you get high on.  People ride IN on looks, smarts, athletics, people they know, resumes, interviews, skills, alumni associations, reputation, speeches, etc.  We hire people for what they ride IN on, which is good, but we need to look higher.  Hire people for what they value.  But only if you know what you value in your organization.  I submit many do not. Companies ride IN on products and get high on different and innovative products.  People inside of these companies know what they value and rally around a cause.  They don't do it for an annual 3% raise or a lame mission statement.  They want to change something big in the world and each person believes they can influence that change.

Sylvester Stallone.  He rode in on soft porn (no pun) before he got high on movies like Rambo and Rocky.  He valued something higher and used soft porn as his way in the acting field.  Strange, but that's an example of someone who believed he could change something in the world.  Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer) rode in a few commercials and small parts in movies under the stage name of Cole Dammet.  Then got high on music. Amongst other things.  The point again, is that he believed he could change something in the world. Oh wait there's more...

How about Steve Jobs? know his story.  How about Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat basketball coach)? He rode IN Miami as the video coordinator and got high on coaching and leading.  Did it by using his video and technology skills to improve Dwyane Wade's jump shot.  Ended up being their head coach.  Erik believed he could change the game with his skills.

Skills and reputation are one thing.  Aligning values takes hard work.  Can the horse you rode IN on do that?