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Work Like You Need A Job

It is a privilege you have your job.  I am privileged to speak to you here.  We work like we need our jobs.  But, there are people who show up to work each day to get high on the things at work.  Some people use work to get high on money, glory, gals/guys, and God.  Some more and some less than others.  It takes balance. People trick themselves and think they need more money, more glory, more gals/guys and more God.  At least that's what I hear and see.  In America, we need a heartbeat, air and some way to pay taxes.  Work like you need a job. How much of it do you need?

Alan won’t stop.  Alan needs his job.  Alan works like a he needs a job.  His end goal is not money or glory.  His people at work need him, like he needs them.  They enjoy each other and act like owners.  There is balance in the psychological employment contract.  If this balance is out of alignment, there can be trouble on either side.  Be aware of that.  It does not cost money to align this contract.  It takes love and care.  Even Snoop doggy dog needs that kinda job.

Do you need your job?  Does your job need you? How hungry are you? Work like you need a job.  Make a difference.  Do something to help others and see if they miss you.