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Would Yahoo's HR Technology Company, Please Stand Up?

How did Marissa Mayer use BIG DATA to abolish Yahoo’s work-from-home policy?  Yahoo is a technology company, not a meat packing company.  So I’m guessing they use the best technology platforms available to enable decisions, like this latest one.  Do you believe they used thousands of data points to support their decision?  Did they use a user friendly HR technology platform to enable their big HR decision on working from home? We may never know, unless we go work for Yahoo.  Don’t try working from home though.  They want you to come to work and eat free food.  You even get a cool company provided smartphone.  Sounds like it could be fun for some.

I can easily “armchair quarterback” her decision, but will not.  (Full disclosure, I riffed on Yahoo this past fall).  I am sure Marissa was privy to some information as to why she made her decision about the 10,000 people they have across the globe.  I hope she did not rely on a couple of clueless HR execs who rely on a couple of angry passed over for promotions and pissed off HR people for workforce analytics.  Yahoo is a fancy technology company.  Wouldn’t you think they have fancy HR technology that HR execs know how to use?

Here’s the deal. The technology company who helped Yahoo make the decision should stand up and brag.  This is a big deal.  If you are the technology company who Marissa used to predict that Yahoo’s people needed to stop the work-from-home practice, now is your time.  Ride the wave and be proud of your ability to help a business like Yahoo predict they needed this change.  Raise your hand technology company.  Are you out there?

People need to figure out how to meet face to face.  Remote work tools don’t always cut it.  Some people use them to avoid face to face.  How many times have you texted or IM’d someone to avoid a face to face meeting. You can admit it.  We all have a “cranky pants Ramona know it all”, who works in benefits.  We avoid interactions with our Ramona’s at work.  The Ramona’s need to go, just like some people who abuse the work from home practice do.

Big data is just data with a descriptive adjective in front of it.  Good technology enables a company like Yahoo to make better decisions with their data on people.  Would the technology company who helped Yahoo make the decision to ban working from home, please stand up?