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Go First

SXSW Interactive Everyday we wake up with a chance to do something first.  First one to the bathroom, first one to make coffee, first one to open a new business, first one to stand up to someone, first one to present a new idea, first one in the gym,  first one to move a society/group forward, and first one to fail.  Going first comes with fear.  I have fear. You have fear.  Your neighbors are afraid of fear.

What do you do with your fear? Do you overcome it OR let it define you?  Go first.  Do something with it. Move somewhere.  Move something. That is why you go first.

Lots of forward thinking HR and recruiting people talk about mobile for recruiting.  Emma Frazer, Google's senior industry head for recruitment in the UK, found that....One in 5 job searches are done on mobile. One if 4 on retail. 4 out of 5 job seekers would search for a job on mobile and many would apply.

How does your career website look on a mobile device?  Go first.  This is a new marketplace.  Build a mobile site and see you what you learn.  If you fail you will learn.  If you succeed you will learn.  Win/win solution, hugh?

Lastly.  This week will be a first for me.  I will join a few incredible people from my company to attend and make incredible things happen at South by Southwest ( SXSW) in Austin.  I have wanted to do this for years. New music, films and emerging technologies.  I plan to sleep at least 5 hours per night.  I plan to help the "nomorepapercuts" cause for HR and recruiting.  I plan to speak and learn about new technologies during a spectacular interactive recruiting conference, TalentNet Live.  I plan to do a hell of a lot more than that.

I will tell you about it, first.  Because going first is how I like to roll.