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Standard OR Unique Pizza?

PizzaPick a standard to live by and you are unique.  Every human and business has uniqueness. Fantastic people figure out how to use that uniqueness to their advantage and capitalize on it.  There comes a point where you recognize you are odd.  It is okay to be odd.  I believe that.  Embrace that.  This makes you unique.  This is your standard.  Great leaders tap into people's uniqueness and make that the standard.  So what does this have to with pizza? Check this... Years ago I worked for Pizza Hut.  I was a cook and my buddies were delivery drivers and dish washers.  Pizza Hut's standards were strict.  Exactly 45 pepperonis on a Large and 72 pepperonis on a pepperoni lovers pizza.  Very standard.  Anytime, I would deviate from the standard, I got into trouble.  In the dark and hidden kitchen, I would make awesome pizzas that me and my buddies created.   We did not follow the strict pepperoni orders from our boss, Mike "The Dink".  He would catch on and yell at us. Pizza Hut's standard was to be unique with its pepperonis. To the contrary...

My favorite pizza chain, Deweys, lets you watch them make the pizza.  Their uniqueness is to let the cooks get creative with the orders.  I watch them.  So I know. They let the world watch them make pizzas through their big glass windows.  They seem to not care who cares. Transparency and creativity is their uniqueness.

Be aware of your uniqueness.  Hire people who are unique.  Tap into that uniqueness and use it everyone's advantage.  The unique ones are sometimes disguised as odd people.  The other day, I heard someone smart say the greatest business decisions ever made are not "what" decisions.  They are "who" decisions.  Help people make "who" decisions.  That means HR people might have to lay off the rules and standards a bit.

Pick a standard.  Know your standard.  Be cool with other people's standards.  This will make us unique.  Maybe one day, I will have a party at Deweys pizza with our HR Hound crowd.  That could be fun.

Photo Credit: The U.S. National Archives