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Raise Your Hand If You...

mobile Have A Mobile Device.  It should look something like one of the devices to the left.  Raise your hand if you have used it to look at a company's career page. Now, raise your hand if you access Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn from a mobile app.  Ahh...everyone does that.  People use mobile.  Video is mobile.  Social is mobile.  Traffic and lots of traffic comes from social and video.  People use video to interview for jobs these days.  The talent looking at your company does it with a mobile device.  And that's the fact thousands of people have already downloaded the mobile app that allows them to do digital video interviews on their device.

Raise your hand if you are still unsure about mobile for recruiting.  Follow #nomorepapercuts on the Twitter and/or stop by booth #945 at South X Southwest.  You could easily win some Skull Candy Supreme Sound Aviators.  You can thank my company, HireVue.  You can also follow #nomorepapercuts and share your twitter handle.

Today, I will be on a panel to discuss the business case for mobile @TalentNet Live.  Should be fun.  After that it's booth time at SXSWi.  All is damn good here in Austin. Raise your hand if you have been to Austin?