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Taxi Cabs, Innovation & Shaq

ShaqAvailable taxi cabs rarely exist in Austin.  After a wonderful night with friends, I scooted through downtown Austin to search for a cab in the rain.  After a few hours, my taxi search failed.  It ended with me paying $20 bucks to a Mexican immigrant named Angel.  Angel drives around Austin late at night in an old SUV.  Only locals know people like Angel exist.  Thank goodness I found a local to show me the way. Sometimes you have to think different to get the job done.  That is innovation. Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast.  People at conferences like, SXSW in Austin, spend an enormous amount of time and energy looking to the future.  Funny thing is, nobody knows the future.  You do not.  Your boss does not.  Your friends do not.  Rich and famous people do not either.  That is why a company like @Tout uses Shaq to get your ideas.  Tout is smart like that.  They want lots of people to #pitchshaq their ideas.  Everybody has a chance to win and everybody gets smarter.  I did not get a chance to personally pitch to Shaq, but I did shake 3 of his fingers.  Click HERE (email subscribers click through) to see a pic of that shake.

Sometimes you have to see what is going on around you to know what will happen ahead of you.  Get real good at that game and you can have a hand in shaping your future.

Trying to put everything in its special place for the future is a control tactic. Everybody is doing that.  Instead, organize the chaos.  Be comfortable being uncomfortable.  Take a stand, flex, wait, be cool, then move. Your ego will get in the way.  I know mine does.  Let it go.  Find someone who has a better idea when you get stuck.  I am forever thankful to the local who gave me the better idea to pay Angel for a ride home in the rain. That’s innovation SXSW style.