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Beyond HR

We wake up each morning with the thought of being happy, not sad. I know I do.  We go to our places of work hoping for the best outcome that will bring us happiness and joy.  That is beyond HR.  It is life as a human being. Technology is getting better and better by the day.  Each technology platform or technology company is claiming they can help fix your pain or make you happier.  HR pros have caught wind of these claims and are bringing these ideas to their companies.  That is why an HR Tech boom is going on right now.  But...

I see it causing more pain amongst HR people for primarily one reason.  That is, business leaders do not hit up the HR dude for technology advice.  It is not natural.  HR people do not lead by example with technology.

Smart people inside of organizations will soon go beyond HR for talent and behavior questions about their workforce.  Many probably already do.  They want data about people that can help predict what is going to happen tomorrow and next year.  They need people who can quickly provide data them data.  HR people are stuck with technology that does not enable them to do that.  I met a few this past week in Austin at the SXSW music, film and technology conference.  Of all places...imagine that!

Somewhere, some place the Steve Jobs of HR exists.  Most companies are still looking for him/her.  It will be the one who has failed enough times that he/she is comfortable making decisions that will move people forward at their company.  What did your HR partner do to help make you happier or overcome pain today? I submit to say it did not happen.