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Too Big To Notice A Turd In Your Meetings

Lots of attention in main stream media these days about companies who are too big to exist.  If you are regular reader of my content, I doubt you come here for stock and financial advice about companies. But, I can read signs and signals. I offer one up to you.  The "Turd" sign.  Turds get hired into companies who are too big OR when things are out of control.  Turds can work for years at a company without anyone questioning what they do or why they exist. Turds are easily noticed and fixed in smaller companies because everyone can smell and see the turd in a smaller environment.  Eliminate the turds. If the turd in your company is in a position of power...then make a move.  Hungry and motivated people do not mix well with turds. I bet even cool places like Google, have turds.  These do not have to be small to see the turds.  With technology, big company business practices are more transparent. You can hide, control or try to manipulate messages...but people are people.  They can see the turds.  Turds lose credibility. People embrace visibility and transparency.

Turds create work for the sake of work.  They invent new processes and forms.  Their new processes and forms usually involve a laborious and boring product that nobody understands.  When the turd is asked to help on their invention, they get mad or go dark and leave the office on some company trip.  Turds are a hazard to your company's health. You are definitely too big if the turd is in your meeting and you do not know it.  No need to convince the government you are not too big.  Proof is in your turds.

Turds in the workplace.  The HR Hound's way of saying your company is too big and things have gotten out of control.  Accountants will say something like "massive risks in a company's portfolio" OR some other fancy phrase.  Just know this.  If turds are in your meetings, you are too big.  Flush out the turds or hire expensive consultants to tell you to flush out the turds.  Take your pick.  Noise becomes signals.  Signals can become reality.