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Find Good Groupies

Groupies are people who form into groups.  People in groups connect through voice, on-line, video and in person.  Groupies trust each other more when they find other people who are part of their group.  Some bring religion and race into it.  Others school and family. In business, there are executive and non-executive groups.  Respect the groups.  All groups.  Nobody knows your troubles.  You don’t know their troubles. Each human brings their own values to groups.  Learn who they are, then tell them what you know, not what they should know.  It’s okay to be a member of more than one group.  Find common ground with humans and you can find common grounds with groups.  In business, turn those groups into a powerful organization and you can turn a profit.

People come together and people fall apart.  Good people prepare.  They prepare for something bigger than them.  They bring people together who can grow quicker and build faster than any one person or group.  They find and form people into stars.  Good people can change.  All people are made of the same stuff that stars are made out of.  Good people know that.

CEOs, executives, movie stars, addicts, workers, children, athletes, teachers, artists, mothers, fathers, nurses and doctors have souls that belong to groups.  They are good people like you, me and your gym buddy Steve.

We are growing in numbers people.  Let’s continue to value the groupies in the groups.