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I Am Looking For...

A Few Ordinary People With Extraordinary Talents to do a series of sample interviews on my company’s digital interviewing platform (HireVue).  I wanted to give you a secret heads-up about this plan before anyone else knows about it.  You will soon see lots of info about this in the social media sphere.  Since I value my HR Hound gang like a child...I wanted you to know first.  Anyways… We need talented people of the human race.  We need people with skills who aren’t afraid to show it.  Is that you?  If not…send my message to someone who is. If selected, your video content will be on our HireVue demo zone.  Try it yourself and receive financial and emotional rewards like…

  • Building your personal brand.  I know you need more of that.
  • Become more confident speaking in front of a camera and performing during a job interview.
  • Earn $50 if your content is chosen.
  • Learn a new skill that your current boring job is not teaching you.  Use that skill in other parts of your life, like interviewing.

Interested? Email Mike Henneman at Give him a brief description of your experience and skills so he can best match you to the appropriate position.  Tell him Ben sent you and I might do something special for you.

Done. Enough selling.  Check it out yourself.  Now back to your original scheduled HR Hound show tomorrow.

PS--Click HERE for a quick product interview of what we do.  Just in case you did not know.