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The Work Solution

Work on the airplanesTime, money or people.  The day usually comes down to those 3 big things.  Working on the details towards time, money, or people is your chance to success.  Often pressure and stress are caused by too much or too little time, money or people.  At the end of our life...will you ask for more time, money or people? OR will you be happy where it ended?  Time pressure rushes us through our decisions in search for solutions.  Why do we let ideas simmer in our head, only to spew out words at the last minutes of a meeting?  We like to use all of our time.  Find solutions that cut time and you have more time for other deals.  Maybe it will create more last minute deals. The work journey is fast.  There are no more Mondays or Fridays. Our work effort should be worth the return on our time as a human being. Do you think the people who created the first airplane are satisfied with their return on work time for that creation?

When the journey throws a problem at us.... we stress out.  Problems like bad presentations, break-ups, child issues, bad hires, dumb questions, broken bones, severed nerves, theft, lies and unemployment. These problems will come up.  But, we have solutions. Find, create, copy or ask for a solution. If there is a solution, then what need is there for stress and unhappiness?  If there is no solution, then what is the point in feeling stress and unhappiness?  There is no need and no point to feel this stress or unhappy feeling if you work towards the solution and find out the solution does not exist.  We need solutions that save us time and create more money for people who need it, not want it.

Easier said than done.  But here is the point.  Work like a son of biotch to reach the solution.   If you work all your options and exhaust the entire system for a solution....then you have your answer.  You will gain nothing more by being unhappy or getting stressed.  You have worked out a solution.  You gave it 110%.  That's all you can ask of yourself.

Working towards the solution is the work.  If you are happy working towards the solution then you have what most people desire.  Happiness.

Photo Credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum