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How To Become Smarter Without Money

SmartYou have the ultimate big company status position with student loans from a famous university.  You are like Gene The VP of HR! But how will you continue to get smarter? Get off the TV & check out Coursera. They won best new start-up in 2012, so you might already know of them.  Either way, here is how they they can make you smarter... Coursera allows people to take the world's best courses, online, for free!  They partner with famous university professors to teach the courses.  No more whining about the lack of education or training that exists in your job or life.  Coursera allows you to search topics and learn something.  This makes yourself smarter and society moves forward when we become smarter.  Most of your boring cost savings work initiatives forget to move society forward.

So what will you learn in 2013?  I'm gonna get smarter in physics, writing, coding and content strategy.  But, I won't stop there. I might learn how to play the guitar too.  Without paying anyone money.  Just have to find more time.  I am thankful I can choose to become smarter with my own time.  I am already getting smarter.  By golly, I can feel it.  I will help other people too.

Do this to get started.  Write down what you are going to learn and share it with friends, family and co-workers.  Click here for a way to help you do that.  Ignore the unimportant individual development form at your company.  Most people do not care if you learn more at work.  They only care if you complete the damn form.  Instead, find stuff you are interested in, then learn about it. Coursera can help...but there are others like Khan Academy who can help too.  I talked about them a few years back.

How do you become smarter? Please share and make us smarter.  I know I need more of that.