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The Work Hook

HookSpeaking to an audience requires a hook.  At some point, I hooked onto you and you hooked onto me.  Keeping you hooked takes harder work than the first hook.  The real work begins after the first hook.  It is similar to recruiting.  Once you get hired (hooked), the work begins.  The new hire, new boss and other people need to have dialogue for it to work.  With this blog, the dialogue is not always in the comments or in written words.  It can be a feeling or personal thought.  It is a wonderful experience when we learn something from our dialogues.  We need to do more of that. Some of you email me.  It's hard to keep up, but I do.  Some of you want my messages sent a specific way (RSS feeds, social media channels, email, etc).  It's hard to customize to your specific way, but I do.

One blog post from the HR Hound generates anywhere from 64 to 491 views.  Google analytics tells me that 25% of you are reading this on an iPhone or iPad.  So, I installed a mobile friendly plug-in.  Dialogue takes work.  But, well worth it.

I enjoy our dialogues.  I will continue to speak with you, how you want it.  Some people inside of companies are creating dialogue with current and future talent.  Those people have developed a skill to suspend assumptions and enter into genuine thinking and dialogue with other people.  Some people can't handle that type of interaction.  Those people tend to think they are the only ones who can be productive.  Those people believe in fad diets too.  Those people often die after the first hook.

Happy Easter, praise to Buddha, your higher power, your life, etc. Enjoy this weekend as you would any special weekend. I hope we experience something awesome that hooks us.  Tell us about it if you think you can.

Photo Credit: US National Archives