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The Talent Garden

Growing a talent garden is what you should strive for in business. Many blue chip HR and Talent Management players have no ways to grow talent in their garden.  Have no garden, have no game.  Have no game, why do you exist? Come out behind your laptop filled with Powerpoint presentations on performance management and Excel sheets on employee ID numbers.  Accept the fact, you have no ways to grow talent in your garden.  It is a shame if you think your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a talent garden.  So, here are THREE ways to grow talent in a garden. ONE.  Invite talented people to do recorded digital video interviews.  Save those interviews in your talent garden.  Share them with people.  It is really that easy.

TWO.  Save talented people's profiles to projects in LinkedIn. Identify them, contact them, drink coffee or soda or beer with them.  Build relationships with them.  Cultivate those relationships like veggies in a garden.

THREE.  Create a blog or social media site that talented non-active people can follow.  Use a marketing mindset for this creation.  Talented and non-active people do not search your career website.  Give them something to follow, like leaders at your company.  This will be like water to talent in your garden.

Big players like, Nike, Dunkin Donuts, Fidelity, P&G, that Apple company, and even Wal-Mart and Starbucks do stuff like the above. Lots of smaller companies too.  But many others are stuck with a dead and dry talent garden.  Have no ways to grow talent in your garden, you have no business being in the talent game.  Go back to your Powerpoints and Excel sheets.

Lastly.  Ask people at your company to refer their friends.  That is the oldest trick in the book and there is technology that can make this fun and easy.  I have a long list of companies who can help you.  Your talent garden will grow into a phenomenal creation full of tasty veggies and fruit. At least, mine will.

Amen.  Namaste.  Enjoy your Friday.