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Don't Give Your Employees A Reason To Buy A Hair Salon

Bob is a mis-characterized human.  He shows up to work each day with his laptop and shiny work boots.  He even gets paid lots of money to fill out forms and follow rules.  Always, ready to make a difference, but instead gets sucked into routine tasks that make no difference.  He realizes things won’t change, so he makes a change.  He buys a hair salon to manage on the weekends and nights.  This will give Bob something to do that is more exciting than his big corporate job. Life goes on and Bob doesn’t tell his employer what he does.  He is afraid people will think he is not committed to the big company lifestyle, which he is not.  Bob finds freedom and autonomy in leading his team of hairstylists. Freedom and autonomy is not allowed at the big company, but they pay good so he hangs on.

Bob is one of your disengaged stars. I guarantee it.  Many of you probably have a bunch of Bobs.  Even Katies too.  Sad.  They are stuck and you are in their way.  Every move, every idea ready for implementation, every meeting, every way…You are in the way.  Get out of Bob’s way.  Get out of Katie’s way.  Let Bob or Katie do the things that will make your company more successful.  They know how to do it.  They know what to do.

Go ask Bob what he is afraid of?  Give him ability and the keys to drive the truck.  Without you in the truck, of course.  Doing this will help you make a difference in someone’s life. Isn’t that why you should be leading them...