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Competitive OR Unique

First, what happened in Boston yesterday was beyond horrible.  I will not speak any further about that, but that is on my mind.

Second, this week I am at the ERE Recruiting Conference in San Diego.  Honored to be here, but what makes a conference like this unique, are the people here.  I am looking for some uniqueness.  Basically for three days, hundreds of in-house recruiting leaders gather for a few days to talk about what's new, what's hot and what's next.  A natural topic for my current life.

Recently and for the foreseeable future, I will be sourcing and recruiting.  I look for unique talent.  I currently see competitive resumes of people with degrees in political science, history, business, human resource management, psychology, engineering, physics, marketing, etc.  There is no one degree to make you unique.  Never let a lame ass HR Pro or recruiter tell you that.

Earn a degree.  Even go for a Master’s degree or higher, if it is interesting to you.  All this helps you to be competitive, but not unique.  Narrow minded people think a degree or certificate will give you the skills needed to succeed.  Unfortunately, many of those narrow minded people are hiring managers.

No matter your degree status, continue to learn how to learn and learn how to think.   Show us something you created. This will make you unique.