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Is There Enough Talk About Culture?

Talking about culture makes me sick.   Doing work to improve culture is not easy because nobody knows how or what to do. Doing work to improve sales is easy.  Doing work to lower costs is easy.  But, I have never seen a report or metric that describes a culture.  If it were that easy, every company could write a book like the Zappos culture book.  I pretty much know that you are not living the Zappos culture.  So here are 3 ways to view culture... 1-->Instead of trying to improve your culture, just talk about it.  How you talk work and how you do work, is the culture.

2-->You have your own individual culture.  Your personal beliefs and views form your culture.  Sharing those beliefs and views is how you talk about culture.  Listening and sharing to everyone's beliefs and views will tell you what people value about culture.

3-->Do not try to make every human in your company work the way you work.  If everyone works the same, it will make the days be lame.  Do not try to change people, just be more aware.  But...Do try to align people in a direction.  If you communicate the direction in a clear and trusting way and lead people in that direction, they will trust you.  It will allow you to say, "we have a trusting culture".

Have trust and keep doing things that build trust.  Then one day, you will wake up and have a trusting and open culture.  That takes time though.  Enough talk about culture.  Read more HERE for a quick snap on culture.