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Glass Houses

Glass HouseLast week, I attended a large recruiting conference (ERE) in San Diego.  I spoke with several people about digital video interviews.  Some people are afraid to use digital video interviews for recruiting because they have imagined a potential compliance issue with the Office of Federal Contract & Compliance Programs (OFCCP).  They are afraid of the glass house.

First, when you have that concern, it is a sign you have little confidence about your recruiting practices and fear the day you get an audit from the OFCCP.  I have been through an OFCCP audit and they will look to see how fair and consistent your recruiting practices are for job seekers.  Video interviews will shed light on that practice.  It is like interviewing in a glass house.

Second, talented people are attracted to a transparent company.  Putting your interviews on video is a sign you are transparent.  It shows people you are not afraid to share your practices about hiring and recruiting.  It also allows candidates to interview your company during the interview process.

Lastly, digital video interviews will save time and money for recruiters and hiring managers.  But, that is not my point.  My point is that our business world will one day be like a glass house.  Your common candidate will expect to see what you are up to before they do business with you.  Technologies like digital video interviews will be one of many ways to be transparent. Job postings and hidden succession planning processes will not.  You can wait for that to happen, or make it happen.  That is your choice.