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The Best You

Is someone getting the best of you? Are you getting the best of you? Are you starting to lose? Can you choose who or what gets the best part of you? Figure out who or what has control on you, it is what is best for you.  Starting a new job and moving my family 1300 miles, is what has the best of me today.  Not complaining, just saying. Moving and starting something new takes time and patience.  The moving is getting the best part of me.  Soon, moving will be over and something else will happen.  That is life.  Prioritize, move something forward, then re-evaluate.

Good or bad, life will happen and we often do not know why.  Accept that life will happen and you have no worries.  It is better for me, if you understand your life and purpose.  That is one of your jobs, not your company's job, and that is what is best for you.

The troubles, the hopes, the trust, the lust and the best of you.  Take your confessions or revelations and say them, write them, sing them, paint them, play them...just let them out.  Today, what has the best part of you? Go make it happen this weekend.  You need to see the best part of you.