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Survey This

If you survey people in your company about culture, then talk to people about culture.  If you survey customers on service, then talk to your customers about service.  If you survey your consumers/people about brand recognition, then talk to consumers about brand recognition.  If you survey candidates about their candidate experience, then talk to candidates about their experience. Do not think a survey is a way to stay in touch or engaged with a group of people.  Keeping in touch and engagement takes a desire to give yourself and your time to others who need help.  Surveys do not help people keep in touch or improve engagement.

Surveys unconsciously do something to most of us.  They get us talking about the questions being asked in the survey, whether you like the questions, or not.  That is the power of the question.  It is not the results of the survey that count; it's the conversations that happen during and after a survey.

If you can't handle the conversations about a survey, you might need to get better at difficult conversations.  I think there are few self-help books on how to handle difficult conversations.  Read and study a couple of them and see if it helps you.  Then let's have some difficult conversations about bigger stuff than surveys and beer pong parties. Surveys.  Be smart about them.