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Learn How To Deal

Part of a change of a growing company is you have to deal with more people.  You want to grow, learn how to deal.  It's that simple.  Keeping great people and hiring more great people is the most controllable lever you have to pull, but people who hire, screw this up because they try to control how people should fit in at a company.  Fancy HR people call this organizational fit. Organizational fit is finding out what people are interested in and making sure you can offer that work at your shop.  It's not about paying more to get people to stay at your company.  People like to be stimulated and interested and we are wired differently.  Just like your spouse or significant other is. This means you have to get out of their way and trust that whatever stimulates them, they will do it honor of your firm's beliefs and mission.

Trust people and think less about control.  You can't control the past and you can't control the future, but you can control what you and your team work on in the present. This is so hard because it will change a lot.  Like +/- 3 times a month or something.  Allowing a talented person to dream and do something big is the best thing you can do for their development.  As a company grows, let talented people continue to dream big.  Once you stop dreaming, you start dying.

Organizational fit and growth.  If you want to grow, you have to deal with more people.  That is change.  Learn how to deal.