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2 C-Words Humans Don't Get

Compensation and culture.  Both begin with the letter C and that is where the similarities end. Execs and human beings usually lose sight of this.  Culture is like air because it is always there. Compensation is easy to define because you can see it in your bank account.  Figuring out how to reward people in their own air space is one of your jobs, if you want to lead.  I submit that music can help and here is how. Pay for performance plans are a mind game.  What idiot does not pay for performance? It begs the question why compensation committees and laborious compensation plans exist.  When I wake up in the morning, I do not to read a compensation plan for motivation to perform.  Burn them or make them simple and try paying people who work together, better than they did yesterday.  That is pay for performance.

Each human has their own style of working.  Each human has their own style of music.  When all the humans in your company work well together, they produce a kick ass musical song. But each person contributes their own working musical style to that song.  What would be the song for your company?  Would everyone contribute to it?  Or would it only be the song of some ego maniac leader?...

Let people listen to their own music.  Reward people who can be more open minded and work with other people's music.  Find people who can create music. Hire people who know their music style, but yet are curious to learn more about other styles. Let them all work together to produce a company song.  Reflect on the song, make adjustments (i.e., job changes/exits/etc) and do it again.  Reward the people who can do that over and over again.  Compensation and culture.  I hope this helps you get it.