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A Brand New Day Of Popcorn With No Butter

A brand new day is today.  Initiatives, project kick-offs, go-live dates are like fad diets.  They fade away fast.  Once you share a message that you are doing something different or new, the brand new day and change has just happened.  The popcorn has been popped and people are waiting for the butter.  Always give butter with the popcorn and do not let people wait for butter on their popcorn.   People hate to wait in suspense for news about their life and work.  Your brand new day will not change anyone or thing.  A brand new day is everyday. I'm talking about change initiatives inside of organizations.  They usually have a theme name for the initiative or change. I have heard many.  Game Changers, Caravan, Modernizers, Raise The Game, etc. They mean nothing if you and me do not change our behaviors.   Sadly, just a few people are bought into the change and the rest sit quietly and whisper "screw this" or "hell no".  They anxiously wait for the butter to show up on their popcorn and it never happens.

Each day and moment is a change initiative.  I am bluntly reminded of this at times.  I roll out something new and people are not bought in.  Find the people who matter and the people you can influence and focus on them.  The rest will come along.  But be open to feedback from the rest.  Learn why they are not bought in.  They are human too, just like you.  Look in the mirror and figure out who needs to change.  It's me and you.  Those are the only people who can change.

Today is a brand new day.  Do not wait to give people information.  Give them the butter with their popcorn.