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What Is Not In The Book

The details and facts are not in the book.  Authors and editors can put what they choose about an event or scene in the book.  Doesn't it make you wonder why an author puts specific information in the book? I submit to say that the author wants to tell you the story based on what they believe OR how they can make more money.  I have been reading "non-famous" books lately.  I am currently reading an apparent non-fiction book about a fellow named, David Black.  I believe it is just as good or better than any famous book.  It has interesting tidbits of the late 1800s and early 1900s  about religion, war, Indians, Whites, Mexicans and love.  You will find little to none about the book or the character on-line.  You have to stumble across these types of books by accident.  I wonder what is not in this book. Isn't it something?  Isn't it something how we get our information? We usually trust well-known and recognizable people to tell us the story.  If it's on TV, it's gotta be true.  If it's on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere on-line, it's gotta be true.  If it's on NPR, it's gotta be true.  Inside of organizations, if it's a recognizable human in upper management talking, it's gotta be true.

I don't have or know the golden ticket to stay informed.  But, I know my life is peaceful and simple when I do not know every detail or "fact" as told my the media OR the celebs.  I know what I see and what I experience.  I know what I feel.  I know the events and stories of my life and the events and stories of the people I love.  I love people.  I cautiously trust famous media people to tell me the story of the 7 billion people across the world.  How about you?

Stories come from events. Last I checked in the U.S., we have the technology and ability to connect with enough people to learn more about the events of the 7 billion people across the world than some famous media head's story.  Connect with others to learn, not to hate or admire.  Share your events, stories and heart with them. Something positive will happen.

Find out what is not in the book.  Learn about the details and facts of an event.  That is your story.