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Design Of "Work"

The design of work is done with purpose, care, and intent.  Humans design work.  Years and years ago people like Henry Ford and others designed work for us to do.  You had nothing to do with that design.  Then the idea of management came around and more people got involved to help get the work done.  But go back for a moment.  Think about how you design work.  Do you have the ability to design your work each day?  Or are you reacting to someone else's work?  The design of work is done with lots of ideas and people.  People become thought leaders and innovators when they can facilitate several ideas and people towards designing work. Facilitation is not manipulation.  Managers use manipulation to get work done.  Leaders use facilitation to design work and trust people to get the work done. Your first job when working with people is to speed up the amount of time it takes to trust each other.  The faster you can trust, the faster you can facilitate ideas.  If we meet on the street for the first time, we might spend the first 30 minutes trying to determine if we should trust each other.  Decrease this time to 30 seconds or less.  Once you have trust, you have connection and action.

Getting to trust is never on the agenda or talked about.  Usually people start with what work needs to be done.  Try to promote other people's thoughts and ideas.  Design the work, then figure out how to do the work.   Oh and one last thing.  Steer clear of any company or human who self names themselves to be an "innovator".  We do not have the right to make up our own nicknames.  They are given to us by others, whether we like the nickname or not.

Quit sitting there without being clear.  Help someone design work.