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Coming Up For Air

Try living your life with no smartphone or other technology once in awhile.  I have been doing it.  I feel like a swimmer coming up for air.  Instead of checking my iPhone, iPad or computer...I read more, meditate more, and have more lively talks with friends and family.  In short, I get more done.  I also play harder with my kids.  Kids teach us how to live in the moment.  Living in the moment allows me to focus on one thing, rather than many things.  Right now, I hear gym music and smell eggs, oranges and paint.  This is the air I came up for at this moment. Life will happen without us in the room. While other people check or talk on their phones during their moment, they are not in the moment.  I have not been in the moment at many times. Often times, physically there, but mentally not. Come up for air.  Listen to every word people speak and recognize moments of silence.  Silence can tell you more than words sometimes.

I enjoy technology and see its importance in our lives. But, technology can kill our existence in a room.  As for recruiting, use it to make your job or life easier, not more complex.  Use it to meet more people on a deeper level.  Your next meeting or coffee outing, kill the smartphones, don't look at the TV, etc.  Create something with your mind and share it.  Come up for air.  It does not take a day or week to do this.  It takes awareness during brief moments throughout the day.  It takes coming up for air.