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Hiding Away

Hiding away in your office or cubicle is so much easier than dealing with the conflict or issue immediately.  If you enjoy creating enormous problems in your head, missing your family because you work too much, watching life go by, thinking everyone is out to get you and playing farmville with your online friends, then your office or cube is suit for you.  If you enjoy helping, fixing, creating solutions, building relationships and having a chance to do work you enjoy, then your office or cube is not suit for you. Hiding away if you need a nap or private time is healthy.  Hiding away because you are too afraid to deal with your life is passive.  Get out, do what you need to do, say what you need to say, listen to what you need to hear and go get a cup of coffee.  Hiding away, is wasting away and running away is not the way.  The only time I can think of when it is healthy to run away is when you see a vampire energy sucking human.  Energy suckers are fun suckers and suck the life out of a meeting or cause.  Run away from them.

If you work in a big office, your entire building is probably filled with people who hide away.  Be a little different than them.  Stop hiding away.  Learn why you exist and learn why other people exist at your company.  Then go make something happen with them.  Most people do not want to hide away.  In fact, stay away if you meet people who only want to hide away.