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Crazy People

Channeling your anxiety and frustrations into your trade or art will give you the skills to pay the bills.  Get comfortable knowing you are crazy and find a circle of people who can deal with your craziness.  Diversify and develop this circle daily.  Performance problems and communication breakdowns are often a result of you not accepting that you are crazy.  Each of us, is crazy in our own way.  So do not try to be normal. Why are you at work today? Why are you on earth? Know who you are.  If you run a company, team or department, know who you and they are. The problem I see with engagement initiatives or culture initiatives is that people lose touch with who they are.  Instead they try to be like someone else or some other company.  Figure out who you are, then decide if you should change it. Forget what happened yesterday and do not think about what will happen tomorrow.  Think about what is happening right now.  What are you working on today or this moment?  That is the path you are on.

Love the crazy people around you.  Love the crazy voice in your head. It is sweet when crazy people get together and work to make themselves and a cause better.  Crazy people are around you.  Look around once in awhile and you will find them.