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Settling To Fit In

You have a well defined job with health insurance and a comfortable salary for your lifestyle.  You even leave work early every 6 months for your dental check-up.  You have settled to fit in with the pack and I hope they have your back.  Your workplace highlight for the day is you get to see that man or woman you have a crush on.  That crush is one of the only things keeping you at your job.  You have settled to fit in with the rest of the pack.  Do not be who you are.  Settle. Settling is the right thing to do for a paycheck and health insurance.   How do you know if you have settled?  You have settled when you believe you are as crazy, as other people have lead you to believe.  You have settled when you can't make a decision for yourself.  Can you make a decision or grab an opportunity right now without repercussions? Can you make a mistake, learn from it and then try something different?  Can you make someone or something better with a new idea? Are you settling...

I get it.  The job market is better than 2009. People can be more selective on where they work.  The question you need to ask yourself is, are you willing?  You were hired because you are able to do a good job, but are you willing to do a good job? If you have to force yourself to be willing, then it's time to find something else to do at your company or other company.  Be thankful for your paycheck and benefits, but do yourself a favor.  Do not settle to fit in.  You are better than that.  Release yourself.  Have a great weekend.