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The Rambler

Be brief, be bright, be gone.  Ever get an email or have that person who will not shut up?  They ramble.  Diarrhea of the mouth.  Rambling is different than exploring.  Exploring ideas and thoughts is a pleasure for both parties.  Ramblers lose sight that you do not care or want to know any more what they have to say.  Ramblers send long and wordy emails and share everything on their social media channels.  Give a rambler a microphone and you have trouble. Get to the point.  Do not ramble.  Some of the best sales people are direct and listen.  Understand why we are talking and what I am interested in or what my pain is.  Been doing lots of technology demo calls with sales people lately.  Many of them ramble.  They ramble about their company or product and do not shut up.  It doesn't matter what I say or need, they just keep rambling.  They take a dogmatic approach with their 28 page powerpoint and will not come off it.

Get direct and open.  Break down the force field between us, find trust and move.  Work gets done faster that way.  No guess work, just direct.  Some people say it's not being friendly, I say it is saving time.  You can be friendly and direct.

When I go to a doctor, he/she listens and tests my pain, then offers a solution.  If the doctor can't help, they will tell you.  The doctor is brief, bright and gone.  The good ones are at least.  Same should go with selling a new technology.  Listen, then offer.  Explore ideas if there is interest and pleasure in exploring.  If you have nothing to offer, then say it.  But do not ramble.  It wastes time and money and people tweet on the Twitter while you talk.

Enough Rambling.  Enough.